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Travelling to Melbourne for the Spring Carnival? Car Rental in Melbourne is an easy and affordable way to get around

The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is an exciting time to be in Melbourne and with 3 different race tracks to get to the best way to do it is by hiring a car. Public transport is time consuming and not always easily accessed from where you are staying and taxis are expensive in comparison to renting a car in Melbourne. There are many companies which provide the service of rental cars in Melbourne and most allow you to book online.

Benenfits of hiring rental cars in Melbourne:

Airport car rental service: On prior booking, you will not have to wait at the airport for your rented car. There are pick up and drop off facilities to the airport reducing the time to reach your rented car. Most of the car rental companies offer these services on a 24×7 basis but it’s always better to confirm in advance.

Early booking discounts:
Just like every other business, car rental service providers also offer you heavy discounts on booking vehicle in advance. It’s a two way benefit where the supplier has got quick business while you get the vehicle of your choice. The affordability factor plays a big role if you plan a longer stay in Melbourne. So, book your vehicle in advance and save your pocket.

Baby seats: If you are on a family trip to Melbourne, you can ask for discounted baby seat hire with your rental car. Every cent counts when travelling with your family so this a good tip for saving money on rental cars in Melbourne.

Frequent traveller discounts: If you are a frequent traveller to Melbourne then check out if the companies offering rental cars in Melbourne will give you a VIP card. If they do then you can ask for discounts for any type of vehicles. This is a cost effective measure in the long run and can save you a huge amount of money.

So if you are coming to Melbourne for the Races, travelling in Melbourne city is more relaxing and fun if you have a rental car. And if you do have a win on the horses maybe you can splash out on a Limo!

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