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Travelling around Melbourne: To Drive Or Public Transport?

December 29, 2017 /

With most of the visitors having a base in Melbourne, travel around Melbourne is hassle-free. The destination has internationally acclaimed restaurants, theatres, bars, museums, shopping centers and tourist places – with easy navigation and public transport system. The transport choices include Myki cards, Myki explorer, trains, trams, buses, taxis and car rentals.

Contrary to the popularity of cars, getting around with it can be an adventure in Australia. Access to public transport is also necessary to stay active the explore the local area – at cost-effective fares. Moreover, Australia’s public transport system can take to most of the places efficiently. Amongst other options, Car Rental Operators offer great deals and comfort on international arrival terminals, domestic terminals and in the surrounding areas of CBD.

There are many benefits of hiring car rental over driving on the Australian roads :

  • Time saving : Advanced bookings for car rentals saves a great deal of time. They allow you to travel anywhere on time, at your convenience.
  • Better choice than a taxi : Taxis are generally expensive and the car rentals give you an advantage of using the car for longer hours than a taxi.
  • Safer option : You can get a car which is properly inspected and serviced to ensure safety throughout the trip.
  • Options : Wide range of vehicles to choose from and ask for specific needs
  • Comfort and convenience : Priority always

(Image Source : Rental-Center-Crete, a car rental company offering services in Crete Island, since 1975.)

Car hire in Australia is more advantageous than using your own vehicle for traveling long distance. However, you need to conduct proper research to rent a car within your budget and to suit your travel needs.

If you are planning a trip to Australia and convinced about hiring a car rental, look for a car hire at Melbourne Car Rental. Melbourne Car Rental services South Melbourne, Albert Park and Southbank with its Melbourne CBD rental car service. Our store at 108 A’Beckett St Melbourne is easily accessed from South Melbourne, Albert Park and Southbank and offers great value car rental rates. Call to book on +61 3 9329 8587.


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