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Top 5 Christmas Camping Tips : Know Your Basics

December 13, 2017 /

“What are you doing over the Holidays? Where are you celebrating Christmas?” are the most common questions being asked. With “We will be at the beach” and “We are going for a long drive” the most common answers – camping in the Australian continent can be the best experience during the Christmas time.

Christmas camping is an old Aussie tradition and the best way to celebrate the festivities in a different environment. With kids having their vacations, all the family members on annual leave and the young generation all set for the next big adventure – riding to the campsite and enjoying the basics can be the best idea for anyone. In this blog, Melbourne Car Rental shares the best tips to make your Christmas camping hassle free and extreme fun.

Do your research! Don’t start the trip without planning! Treat yourselves like the ultra-light hikers on a go. With camping being very popular in Australia, there are chances that you might have difficulty in finding the perfect spot, which can be a campsite right besides a river or the rustic environment you are looking for. Make a checklist, foremost mentioning the camping gear.

Choose the best of the camping applications and technology! Smartphones make everything easy. During the research, use applications like WikiCamps that allows the campers to leave photos and comments for the particular camping site.

Check the fuel prices and save yourself from the fuel hikes! The fuel has the tendency to surge in the outskirts. Applications like FuelMap and MotorMouth give an appropriate information about the fuel prices in the area you are traveling to.

Shop in the town or from the farmer’s markets while enroute the campsite! There is nothing cheaper and organic than the food products available in the outskirts of the cities. This way you can support the local economy and avoid carrying the heavy load of essentials throughout the journey. Trust us when we say that ‘country bakeries are always the best’.

Ride with style and stay safe! As camping during the summer is definitely risky, it is important to be 100% prepared, especially keeping a check on the wildlife and weather forecast. Additionally, book the best car rental in the city which would suit the terrain you are planning to drive on and comfortably accommodate your family members or friends. At Melbourne Car Rental, we provide the cheapest and the most reliable car rental services in Melbourne, especially Melbourne Airport Tullamarine & Melbourne CBD. Instant Quote and Booking Here!

When camping for the Christmas in Australia, don’t leave anything to chance. Also, don’t forget the barbeque skewers and the toilet paper.


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