Rental Cars and Damage

One of the most difficult issues with renting a car is dealing with damage, both pre-existing and new. At Melbourne Car Rental we believe in having an open and accountable process for this.

While we have to manage this problem so that costs are recovered, we do not want our customers to be unfairly treated. For your protection we take a video of all cars before they go out. We also provide you with a written damage report that is your responsibility to use to note any damage to your rental car before you leave. We encourage you to take your own photos and video when picking up and dropping off the vehicle. In fact the ACCC recommends this.

In the event of an accident or damage to your rental vehicle, your chosen excess will be charged to your credit card as well as an accident administration fee of $110 and charges for days off the road while the vehicle is being repaired.

In the event of minor damage to your vehicle you have the option to keep renting the vehicle and have the damage repaired yourself by a reputable and qualified repairer. Please note that a staff member must inspect the damage prior to it being repaired and an accident report form must be filled in.

If you wish us to review any decision about damage to a vehicle, please put your claims in writing and email to us. If you are still unsatisfied with our decision contact Consumer Affairs Victoria for advice.

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