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Packing Tips For Winter Road Trips

July 18, 2017 /

In our opinion, there is no better way to explore Melbourne’s beauty than on a road trip!

But do you know, there’s a reason why Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most spectacular road trips?

It’s not because of the spectacular beaches or dramatic coastal cliffs towering over wild seas. It’s not because the view of the mesmerising 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road will leave you spellbound. And it’s absolutely not because of the intimate wildlife experiences, the cool wineries in the Yarra Valley or Philip Island’s epic penguins.

It’s not for any of those reasons in particular. It’s for all of them!
In this post, we’ve listed the essential packing tips you can follow during your road trip in winter. Winter in Melbourne starts from June and stays till August. If you are looking for a reliable car for rent, you can call Melbourne Car Rental for an affordable car hire service in Melbourne. We are a leading car rental company offering the best car hire deals for all your travel needs.
Here, you’ll find all those packing tips for road trips in winter, which turn your car journey into treasured memories.

Here we go:

Book your vehicle well in advance

This is especially true during busy days like weekends and public holidays when you’ll likely wait for your turn. It’s better to book your vehicle well ahead of time. Stock your vehicle with a travel essentials kit, including a flashlight with new batteries, swiss army knife, eye mask, and sleeping pillow.

Check your vehicle for repairing issues

Make sure your car is well maintained before you go. Check vehicle maintenance issues such as wipers, battery and fluid levels. Check your battery to make sure it’s strong and charged.

Snacks, water and first aid kit

You will find insects that like to bite and sting, so include some antiseptic cream or wipes in your first aid kit, as well as bandages, and insect repellent. Always make sure to have enough supply of water and snacks with you. This will help you to stay hydrated on the road; but also helps in the case of a vehicle breakdown or emergency when you feel hungry.

Grab a cup of your favourite brew

Sometimes we hit the road at midnight, and sometimes we accidentally leave during high traffic… But the great equalizer of any road trip is an extra-large shot of hot espresso. What’s better than warming up in beautiful Melbourne with your favourite cup of Coffee or tea swirling in one hand? We recommend that you stay careful while handling hot liquids when driving. Taking a coffee break won’t set your time back by too much.

Don’t forget to pack your winter clothes

Make sure you keep yourself warm during the cold nights with winter clothes.

Your Favourite Book

Curling up with your favourite book inside your car is the best thing to do outdoors for those winter days. Imagine, your favourite brew and a great book in front of you. Is there any better winter day treat for the inquisitive type?


When you’re having a fabulous winter in Australia, there’s nothing like a romantic campfire to help keep you warm. Get the tent, stove, matches/lighters, and lanterns beforehand.
Make the perfect campfire, and the fun begins after. Always ensure that you are a in a fire-safe area before setting up an open fire.


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