Choose Melbourne Car Rental for van and ute rental services!!

Melbourne Car Rental offers easy hiring of vans and utes in the CBD of Melbourne and at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. We offer well maintained commercial vehicles to rent and our Tullamarine airport service includes pick up and drop off at Tullamarine airport terminal doors. Offering great cars at great prices, our utes also come with tow bars for the best value ute rental in Melbourne.

All our utes and vans for rent are able to be driven with a standard driving license. In addition, we offer free trolley hire for easily moving and packing homes and offices. With a fleet of vehicles under our banner, we provide affordable ute hire in Melbourne. You can pick up and drop off our utes and vans at any one of our 3 depots including Melbourne CBD, Carnegie and Tullamarine.

Offering great deals at cost effective rates, we are an affordable alternative for van and ute rental in Melbourne. Our vehicle details, special offers, pricing and other information is available online. Just book in our services NOW!!

Special Ute Hire Offer

Along with affordable prices, the Utes at Melbourne Car Rental come with tow bars and are available in automatic and manual. Melbourne Car Rental also has a “Special Offer” of FREE Trolley hire with every ute or van hire. You can rent a Ute from Melbourne Car Rental, you pay nothing extra for the trolley.

Ute hire in Melbourne can be incredibly convenient if you look out for a few basic things to get the best Ute hire in Melbourne.

The factors that one must look for before hiring a Ute are:

  • The Price
  • Know what you want
  • The Location
  • The Distance

Are you Moving House?

Ute hire in Melbourne makes moving house easy. The Ute rentals at Melbourne Car Rental are easy to afford and easy to drive. Our utes come with drop side trays, which makes unloading furniture and boxes an easy task to carry out.

Hire a serviced and maintained car across Melbourne