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Enjoying a weekend afternoon with Melbourne High Tea!

November 13, 2014 /

High tea seems to have had a rebirth in Melbourne in the past decade. People just love enjoying their Sundays indulging in some delicious cucumber sandwiches and scones.

There so many options to choose right from the traditional ones to the contemporary. Though there are differences but one thing that stands common in these high teas happens to be their class and grace, which apparently makes them a great time for an afternoon tea whether it’s a catch-up with old friends or a family affair.

If you are planning a trip at the weekend and wish to go for car hire at Melbourne airport, let us introduce you to some of the best high teas in the city. Check it out:

The Langham: This place truly deserves a mention. Open on all weekdays, it is a favourite spot for both young and old alike. You can always look for some fun time out here when you travel using car hire at Melbourne airport. http://melbourne.langhamhotels.com.au/melbourne/

Mamor Chocolate Salon: Situated on Johnston Street, this is one of the most pleasurable high teas you can come across. You will be delighted by the handmade chocolates along with nine different courses. This is a must do destination as you travel using car hire at Melbourne airport! http://www.mamorchocolates.com

Windsor Hotel: It has been serving traditional high tea since 1883. The experience you get over here is simply ecstatic and classy. Here you can get a wide selection of specialty teas and coffee, as well as vegetarian and gluten free choices.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms: Dating back to 1893, this is considered as the ideal lunch place for Mothers Day on May 14th. http://www.hopetountearooms.com.au

Every place has its own specialty and you can get to taste a difference experience everywhere. Try out these high tea areas as you set out to enjoy your weekend with car hire at Melbourne airport!


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