Compare Car Hire, Car Rental vs. Car Share

Car Share or Car Sharing is exactly the same as car hire or car rental. There is no siginificant difference except with car share you are required to pay a security deposit and joining fee. The hourly fee they charge equates to being a more expensive way of renting a car daily. Most car rental companies have eco cars, green cars and hybrid cars on fleet and have done so for many years. Melbourne Car Rental offers a VIP Membership and eco friendly cars. If you regularly want to hire cars become a VIP Member you get specials deals and rates which far exceed car sharing rates and membership benefits so call or email us . You also get more flexibility with kilometres as Melbourne Car Rental offer unlimited kilometre rates and limited kilometre rates to suit your budget and travel plans. We also offer interstate travel with our cars and one way car rental to Adelaide, Byron Bay (NSW) and Brisbane.

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