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Celebrating Australia Day: Give it a personalised touch!

November 13, 2014 /

The whole of Australia is gearing up for a major celebration as January 26th happens to be Australia Day, which is celebrated annually on this particular day. Being a day of national celebration, the whole country gets together and celebrates it wholeheartedly.

People dress up in the Aussie colours decking up their body and faces with clothes, paints, caps, colourful slippers, funky tattoos, etc. It is one good time to catch up with your family and friends as you can camp out, arrange for a beach party or travel across the city you are in. If you are planning for the ways to celebrate the day away from home, the article can provide you with quite a few ideas. Have a look:

Arrange an outing : You can take all your family members and close friends for an outing. And it would be quite convenient if you rent a car in Melbourne to enjoy travelling with ease and sheer comfort. You can explore new things and places without having to depend on any guide as renting a car in Melbourne allows you to be your own guide and travel as per your wish.

Tour the carnivals: Every city of Australia will be seen making lavish arrangements to make the day a happening one. There will be carnivals held, parties thrown and many other exciting activities that you will love to be a part of. Well, why wait then? Rent a car in Melbourne and tour the carnivals which fall near to your city and enjoy the ride to the fullest!

Throw a beach party
: If you want to unwind yourself and feel a bit relaxed, you can surely party out on a beach nearby. Organise a beach party with innovative themes and send in the invites to all your near and dear ones. You can even travel to distant beaches and the journey can be made a memorable affair if you rent a car in Melbourne.

We also need to acknowledge that Indigenous Australians need to be recognized on this day as the original inhabitants of this great country and this day is significant to them for different reasons. This Australia Day, make the celebrations an affair worth remembering and spread the message of love and peace to everyone around!


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