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Hassle-Free Car Rentals In Sunbury

Established in 2007, Melbourne Car Rental is a Victorian owned and operated business. You will be getting a genuine quote for cheap car rentals in Sunbury. We offer car hire services for all commercial vehicles, SUVs, compact, sedans, 7-8 seaters and utes for hire in Sunbury.

We believe in having an open and accountable process, so no more renting a car and dealing with damage for both pre-existing and new. Before you leave, we provide you with a written damage report to note any damage to your rental car. Take photos and video when picking up and dropping off the rental vehicle. We and the ACCC recommend this.

In case of an accident or damage, your chosen excess will be charged to your credit card with an accident administration fee of $110. Also, for days off the road while the vehicle is being repaired. In case of minor damage, you can keep renting the vehicle and have it repaired yourself by a reputable, qualified repairer.

Trusted Cheap Car Rentals in Sunbury

Our Sunbury car hire fleet is insured, and all vehicles have roadside assistance. We take pride in our rental fleet and want you to have a safe, enjoyable experience with us. All of the vehicles that we rent out are maintained regularly by professionals. We are constantly upgrading our fleet and have a good supply of brand new eco-friendly vehicles.

Our newest and most popular options come with great rates, while older models offer even more savings for those who want them. We offer 24-hour airport car rentals with quick pick up and returns. We also offer reliable and affordable car rentals for official business purposes.

For enquiries regarding car rentals and ute for hire in Sunbury, call us on +61 3 9329 8587 or mail us at

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