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Best Car Rentals In Preston

Cheap car hire in Preston is one of the most convenient options. Get on with your travel or a short business trip with car hire in Preston. Melbourne Car Rental has the best service and discounted rates for Melbourne Airport Car Rentals and Melbourne City (CBD) car hire.

Once you have confirmed, you will have to book the vehicle or submit an online booking request. We guarantee you get the car you book or it’s free.

7 Seater Car Hire in Preston

All our fleet for cheap car rental in Preston are fully maintained and are aged between 0 and 8 years with full-service records and RWC. We are constantly upgrading our fleet and have a good supply of brand new (less than 6 months) eco-friendly vehicles at all times. Our later model vehicle categories offer fantastic rental rates and great value.

Rent A Van in Preston

Melbourne Car Rental offers a VIP Membership and eco-friendly cars. If you regularly want to rent a van in Preston to become a VIP Member, you will receive special deals and rates far exceeding car sharing rates and membership benefits. We also offer interstate travel with our cars and one-way car rental to Adelaide, Byron Bay (NSW) and Brisbane.

Why Choose Melbourne Car Rental?

  • We offer unlimited-kilometre rates within Victoria and interstate.
  • We have special 1 day hire rates with 100 km free per day and 200 km free per day.
  • All vehicles have roadside assistance.
  • The cheap short and long term car rentals rates from less than $27 per day*.
  • There are no hidden fees in every quote we give. The quoted price is the final price.

We have ten years of experience providing a Melbourne Airport Car Rental Service. We guarantee 100% reliability and speed of service 24 hours a day for pre-booked rentals. To know more about cheap car rental in Preston, connect with us on +61 3 9329 8587 today!

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