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Hire a Car in Thomastown and Experience its Unique Sights and Sound 

What was once a small rural area known for its gardening shops and market, Thomastown today is one of the most prominent suburbs in Melbourne.  Situated approximately 30 minutes North of Melbourne, Thomastown is among one of the most desirable places to raise a family and live a quiet lifestyle.

Other than this, there are numerous attractions in and around Thomastown that you can explore. If you love to experience nature, Edgars Creek and Edgars Creek Trail are perfect destinations.

Even though it’s well connected to various suburbs of Melbourne, public transportation might not always be feasible. You can’t get the freedom and leisure to discover the unhidden side of Thomastown. Hire a car in Thomastown and enjoy this beautiful and tranquil spot and make the most of your visit to Melbourne.

Melbourne Car Rentals For Affordable and Trusted Car Rental in Thomastown

Serving customers since 2007, Melbourne Car Rentals is one of the top car rental companies in Thomastown and offers a wide range of fantastic deals.  With our fleet of modern and well-maintained cars/vans, you get the freedom and leisure to get a tour of this wonderful suburb without having to worry about missing the train or bus.

Also, we offer last minute car hire in Thomastown for airport transfers. Whether you want a car on arrival or require a mode of transport at odd hours to get to the airport, we’ve got you covered.  Fully equipped with modern amenities and safety features like in-built GPs, we ensure that your rental experience becomes smooth and stress-free.

Why Should You Hire a Car in Thomastown from Melbourne Car Rentals?

  • Trusted services, Easy-to-book cars at Amazing Prices
  • Huge Fleet of Vans and Car Thus You Get Endless Choices
  • Equipped with Safety Features and Extra Amenities
  • Last-minute Car Hire Deals For Airport

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