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Trusted Car Hire In Mill Park

When you’re looking for car rentals in Mill Park, there are many different considerations to make: Do I need something large enough that my family can travel in comfort or small categorised vehicles perfect, if just myself and one other person will be using them? What type of fuel best suits your needs.

Our fleet for car rentals includes commercial vehicles (automatic UTE and automatic van) and current model cars (Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Suzuki and more in small, hatchback, sedan and 8-seater).

In the event of an accident or damage to your rental vehicle, your chosen excess will be charged to your credit card. An accident administration fee of $110 and charges for days off the road while the vehicle is being repaired as well.

The insurance for rental cars differs from insurance available for privately owned and driven vehicles. All of our fleet for car hire Mill Park is insured.

Affordable Car Rentals in Mill Park

Drive away with a smile on your face when it is about car rentals in Mill Park! We have competitive deals that won’t leave any room for worries.  All our fleet vehicles are fully maintained. We are constantly upgrading our fleet since we have a good supply of brand new (less than 6 months) eco friendly vehicles at all times.

Renting a car is the easiest and most convenient way to explore an unfamiliar area in your own time. Whether for private purposes, business or travelling solo, renting a car can be helpful in every step of the journey.

How to Book A Car Hire in Mill Park?

  • Once you have confirmed you want to book the vehicle or submit an online booking request, we get back to you.
  • We guarantee you that you will get the car.
  • The quoted price is the final price. Make payment via Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard.

For enquiries regarding car rentals in Mill Park, connect with us on +61 3 9329 8587 today!

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