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Australia is known for all the adventures related to the short day trips to epic drives on the coastal roads. The driving experiences in the continent have much more to landscapes and the way people drive. If speaking about the geographical depiction, Australia occupies 5% of the surface and is the 6th largest country in the world. Read More

Have you already explored the city and suburbs in and around Melbourne? Are you looking for some more travel and exploration? Well, Melbourne will never disappoint anyone. The travellers can always drive along the steaming freeways and experience the open spaces or the water-lapping sea coasts. Read More

Several innovative technologies and campaigns have been developed to avoid car accidents, still, we experience a lot of fatalities associated with car accidents on the roads in Australia. Careless, rash and drunk driving being the most common causes. Read More

If you are looking for a romantic Aussie getaway, there are umpteen destinations in Australia for unforgettable, yet intimate experiences.  Read More

The winters in Australia are more than the beanies, puffer jackets,, boots, fireplaces and cozy blankets. We can’t forget to mention the everyday talks about ‘It is so cold!’. The only way to make the winters in Melbourne special is by grabbing a chance to hit the road this season. Read More

Wondering where to go in Australia in July? Don’t worry. This list can surely help.

Australia might be a wide green land, but Melbourne occupies a little pocket that’s just made for road tripping, with fabulously scenic sights to explore around every turn on the road.  Read More

In our opinion, there is no better way to explore Melbourne’s beauty than on a road trip!

But do you know, there’s a reason why Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most spectacular road trips? Read More

Imagine this. You are starting your trip with the melody and hustle bustle of Melbourne city, art-filled laneways and departing with the taste of some of the finest coffee. An hour later, arrive in the lush green Yarra Valley and watch kangaroos jumping around the vineyard as you explore and run for the hot air balloons.  Read More

Performance without settlement. With a 1591 cc Petrol Direct Injection (GDI) Engine that yields 138hp @ 6,300 rpm for a commanding get up and go, the 2015 Kia Rio is, without a doubt, the hi-tech sub-compact that’s as cool at appearance as it is to drive and is the latest entrant in the Melbourne Car Rental’s fleet of cars.  Read More

At Melbourne Car Rental we believe good quality service should never change.  There are reasons why we are still the first choice when it comes to airport pickup and drop off in Melbourne. Our partnership with Jetport Parking has been going for 8 years and runs like clockwork. Read More