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Several innovative technologies and campaigns have been developed to avoid car accidents, still, we experience a lot of fatalities associated with car accidents on the roads in Australia. Careless, rash and drunk driving being the most common causes. Fatal road accidents can also happen due to lack of patience or adverse weather conditions. In this blog, Melbourne Car Rental shares some effective tips on avoiding fatal road accidents.

FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES STRICTLY : Basic things like wearing a seat belt and avoiding the fast lane would decrease the chances of fatal accidents.

1. Leave a two-second gap with the car in front
2. Don’t drive if feeling sleepy or exhausted
3. Let the mobile phone take some rest when you are driving
5. Let everybody in the car make good use of seatbelts
6. Know and stick to the speed limit

BE A DEFENSIVE DRIVER : This will allow you to foresee potential accidents and escape them.

1. Avoid racing with other vehicles. Be courteous.
2. Keep a safe watch on the cars behind and the car ahead of the car in front
3. Beware of blind spots
4. Keep your side mirrors and rearview mirrors in check
5. Know the limits of your own car

AVOID DRUGS AND ALCOHOL – DON’T BE IN AN INEBRIATED STATE : Drunk driving is completely preventable by being a little responsible towards the fellow drivers on the road. Maintain a constant speed and leave a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles.

BE CAREFUL AT INTERSECTIONS : Special care must be taken at intersections by cross checking both the sides before proceeding further. As intersections are the most common areas for fatal accidents, it is important to drive clear at these junctions. Moreover, make special considerations during adverse climatic conditions by keeping the car lights on while driving.

KEEP CALM AND DRIVE ON! Above everything, driving a car which is in good condition can minimise road accidents to a greater extent. If you are looking for quality car hire & rental services in Melbourne, call us on +61 3 9335 4877.

If you are looking for a romantic Aussie getaway, there are umpteen destinations in Australia for unforgettable, yet intimate experiences.

Romance is defined in a different way for every couple. Some would prefer a secluded beach and some may choose a scenic hike to plan a romantic getaway. Given the diversity Australia has, the continent has everything for everyone. The couple has the luxury to choose from thousands of potential romantic break locations. Here, Melbourne Car Rental provides a list of top 7 romantic holiday destinations in Australia.

1. Discover TasmaniaFreycinet National Park : It is a peninsula with pink granite mountains, white beaches, azure bays, plenty of fresh seafood and exclusive luxury lodges. From here, you can also take a long road trip on the Great Eastern Drive.


2. Western Australia – The White Sand Cable Beach : Being one of the most stunning beaches in the world, this beach is the most amazing romantic escape. It is washed clean by tides which reach over 9 meters every day. If you and your partner love everything about swimming and relaxation, this beach is the place for you.


3. Queensland – Heart Reef : Located in the Great Barrier Reef, this place is a stunning composition of coral which has naturally taken a heart shape. Due to its protected status, the reef is best experienced by a seaplane or the helicopter. Moreover, the site has witnessed proposals and declarations of love for many years.


4. South Australia – Adelaide Hills : These hills are known to be alive with a rugged terrain, European influences across the region, gourmet long lunches, cool-climate wines and a lot of time which can be spent together.


5. Victoria – Daylesford : Best for the couple who enjoy rejuvenating pampering. This place has the largest collection of Australia’s natural mineral springs, along with breathtaking scenery, holistic health services, spa retreats and a lovely wine culture.


6. Queensland – Sunshine Coast : This romantic getaway provides an access to mountain and a beach. It also offers a quiet escape at any time of the year, lot of local produce and rustic art & craft markets.


7. New South Wales – Hunter Valley : Being the oldest wine growing region, the valley is for the couple who completely love good wine and plenty of food. There is a lot to explore here with fine dining, galleries, golf courses, local cheese, hand-made chocolates, wine tastings, vineyard tours and much


To make your romantic holiday getaway better, MCR provides car hire & rental services from Melbourne Airport. Please feel free to call us on +61 3 9335 4877.

We promise the best end-of-the-road romantic experience and a great beginning of relations!

The winters in Australia are more than the beanies, puffer jackets,, boots, fireplaces and cozy blankets. We can’t forget to mention the everyday talks about ‘It is so cold!’. The only way to make the winters in Melbourne special is by grabbing a chance to hit the road this season. Vacations, one-day trips, adventures, road tripping, a warm stay, greener pastures by the open fire, art walks, open houses, campfires – there is a lot to experience and do in Melbourne. With the best car hire services from the Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Car Rental provides a list of best places to hit the road in Melbourne during winters.

1. The Yurt Alpine Retreat : Just at a 3-hours drive from Melbourne, this place is something you would expect in the region between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This rustic location offers a breathtaking view with a campfire. Just get your camping supplies along!

2. The Airstream in Bright : The iconic caravan is located right near the river and the private deck here is perfect for a morning coffee or some whiskey in the evening.

3. Mount Buller : The temperature drops below zero during the winter here and the region experiences a good amount of snow. This makes it ideal for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe walks and also has a sled dog tour. The place also offers an Alpine Spa Treatment if you are not too much into winter sports.

4. Yarra Valley : A burst of winter travel spots, the valley has the Coombe Melba Estate, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Locale Restaurant At De Bortoli for amazing local food and Yarra Valley Lodge.

5. Warrnambool for Whale Watching : Logan’s Beach on the eastern side of Warrnambool is a conservation site for the Southern Right Whale. The coastline also offers the best sightings of little penguins, Australian fur seals, and the common dolphins.

So, if you like the snowy aspect of winter, the mountains offer a lot of fun. If you are not into skiing or snowboarding, the Yarra Valley offers many laid back experiences with spectacular scenery and fine wines. For all the winter exploration ideas and car hire & rental services from Melbourne Airport, feel free to call us on +61 3 9335 4877.

Embrace the colder months in Melbourne with fantastic events, ice skating, shopping, plenty of heart warming food and drinks – all by hitting the road with your family, loved ones or alone.

Wondering where to go in Australia in July? Don’t worry. This list can surely help.

Australia might be a wide green land, but Melbourne occupies a little pocket that’s just made for road tripping, with fabulously scenic sights to explore around every turn on the road. Whether you’re looking for weekend getaways or one day road trip and you’re into food, wine, rock climbing or wildlife, there are many destinations around the Melbourne to explore.

We’ve put together a list of six amazing destinations throughout the country side that serve as enjoyable winter travel destinations. Thinking to hire a car to explore? Contact Melbourne Car Rental and let us help you find the right car for your perfect escape. We offer an affordable car for hire options in Melbourne with a wide range of economy and luxury car options.

1. Go for Skiing and Snow Resorts in the Australian Alps

Victoria’s alpine region is the home to many ski resorts and a major winter sports area. You can head to Mt. Buller, and experience the winter sports at one of the largest network of lifts among the Victorian resorts. It is located at just 3 hours drive from Melbourne. It is also home to the Australia’s day spa- Alpine Spa Retreat.

2. Melbourne International Film Festival

Arguably Melbourne’s most iconic film festival of the year, MIFF gives you a chance to watch an incredible range of films, from local Australian filmmakers to the international. If you love films, then don’t miss a feast of cinematic delicacies from over 60 countries for seventeen days.

3. 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles are one of the most well-known highlights of the great ocean road. The gigantic limestone formations that tower 45 metres above the Southern Ocean, will leave you awestruck in wonder at their size and beauty.

Where to go in Australia in July

4. Take a wine tour

Australia is the fifth largest exporter of wine in the world. The credit goes to over 60 wine regions spread out in the cooler parts of South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. So if you’re planning a wine tour, make sure to go to taste the delicious world-famous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at Yarra Valley.

5. Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade

Phillip Island with its unspoilt beauty is definitely a great place to relax and rejuvenate from your routine. The main attraction is the Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade. In June, the atmosphere is still warm enough to make the trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island and see the little cute penguins roaming and going back to their nesting areas.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your car keys, jump into your Melbourne Car Rental hired car, start your engines and wander through a wondrous winter!

In our opinion, there is no better way to explore Melbourne’s beauty than on a road trip!

But do you know, there’s a reason why Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most spectacular road trips?

It’s not because of the spectacular beaches or dramatic coastal cliffs towering over wild seas. It’s not because the view of the mesmerising 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road will leave you spellbound. And it’s absolutely not because of the intimate wildlife experiences, the cool wineries in the Yarra Valley or Philip Island’s epic penguins.

It’s not for any of those reasons in particular. It’s for all of them!
In this post, we’ve listed the essential packing tips you can follow during your road trip in winter. Winter in Melbourne starts from June and stays till August. If you are looking for a reliable car for rent, you can call Melbourne Car Rental for an affordable car hire service in Melbourne. We are a leading car rental company offering the best car hire deals for all your travel needs.
Here, you’ll find all those packing tips for road trips in winter, which turn your car journey into treasured memories.

Here we go:

Book your vehicle well in advance

This is especially true during busy days like weekends and public holidays when you’ll likely wait for your turn. It’s better to book your vehicle well ahead of time. Stock your vehicle with a travel essentials kit, including a flashlight with new batteries, swiss army knife, eye mask, and sleeping pillow.

Check your vehicle for repairing issues

Make sure your car is well maintained before you go. Check vehicle maintenance issues such as wipers, battery and fluid levels. Check your battery to make sure it’s strong and charged.

Snacks, water and first aid kit

You will find insects that like to bite and sting, so include some antiseptic cream or wipes in your first aid kit, as well as bandages, and insect repellent. Always make sure to have enough supply of water and snacks with you. This will help you to stay hydrated on the road; but also helps in the case of a vehicle breakdown or emergency when you feel hungry.

Grab a cup of your favourite brew

Sometimes we hit the road at midnight, and sometimes we accidentally leave during high traffic… But the great equalizer of any road trip is an extra-large shot of hot espresso. What’s better than warming up in beautiful Melbourne with your favourite cup of Coffee or tea swirling in one hand? We recommend that you stay careful while handling hot liquids when driving. Taking a coffee break won’t set your time back by too much.

Don’t forget to pack your winter clothes

Make sure you keep yourself warm during the cold nights with winter clothes.

Your Favourite Book

Curling up with your favourite book inside your car is the best thing to do outdoors for those winter days. Imagine, your favourite brew and a great book in front of you. Is there any better winter day treat for the inquisitive type?


When you’re having a fabulous winter in Australia, there’s nothing like a romantic campfire to help keep you warm. Get the tent, stove, matches/lighters, and lanterns beforehand.
Make the perfect campfire, and the fun begins after. Always ensure that you are a in a fire-safe area before setting up an open fire.

Imagine this. You are starting your trip with the melody and hustle bustle of Melbourne city, art-filled laneways and departing with the taste of some of the finest coffee. An hour later, arrive in the lush green Yarra Valley and watch kangaroos jumping around the vineyard as you explore and run for the hot air balloons. Come sunset, feel the sand between your toes and the laugh in your belly as hundreds of little penguins parade up the beach on Phillip Island. And that’s just day one. Everything mentioned here is possible if you don’t just dream it, but hit the road this season.

Ready to plan a road trip from Melbourne yet? Better book a vehicle in advance. If you’re planning a trip and are thinking about renting your vehicle, then read on Car Rental Tips for Saving Money and Time.

These car rental tips will help you find an affordable rental car in Melbourne and spare some cash for your next trip.

Research for reliable car hires companies first – perform some research online to find a trustworthy car rental company in Melbourne. Melbourne Car Rental offers affordable car rental deals in Melbourne. Whether you plan to explore the city or simply need a car for a leisure vacation, we can help. We have a range of safe, powerful, fuel-efficient and reliable cars – from current models to late models for you.

Determine your pickup and drop-off points – make sure your car rental company allows you to pick-up and drop-off the vehicle in your desired areas. Make sure you can select the right dates, time, pickup and drop off points while booking your vehicles for rent online.

Choose your car according to your needsfind a car that suits your requirement. Just don’t go for a car that’s too small for your family. Choose an economical car with extra boot space for luggage that can leave you with an unmatched road trip experience.

Be aware of toll charges – make sure you check with the service provider and be sure to pay your tolls so you don’t end up with a heavy fine. Melbourne Car Rental offers rental vehicles with e-tags pre-installed; all toll fees are automatically charged to your credit card using e-tags.

Join the Loyalty program – if you need a car for rent for more than a few times a year, join the membership program to earn rewards and special deals for future car rentals. For example, we offer a VIP Membership to our regular clients. Call us to get to know more about our special program.

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2015 Kia Rio has a stylish exterior and interior. It comes with, Halogen Headlights, Projector Beam Headlights, and Front Fog Lights (Projector Beam), making it one of the best cars in the sub compact category.

The dashboard is equipped with a state-of-the-art UVO Infotainment System, Bluetooth® Wireless Technology w/ Steering-Wheel-Mounted Control & Audio Buttons, Tilt Steering Column and Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column                .

Child safety features like Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children and Rear Child-Safety Door Locks also come standard with all variants. Kia’s Idle Stop and Go (ISG) System ensures you get 27 MPG in city and 37 MPG on highways.

We know there are many websites that offer deals from various car rental operators. However, these merely compare cars; they don’t offer car rental directly. Thus, it’s always a better deal to go for a car rental agency like Melbourne Car Rental. We offer a FREE QUOTE. We are a small boutique car rental house but are vast on service. Our services are available 24 hrs for airport car rental collection and return. In addition to the Rio, we offer potential renters a wide choice of vehicles and lots of local knowledge and Travel Victoria Information.

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  • Best fleet of vehicles
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Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Jetport Airport Parking, a constant stream of minibuses is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get you to our rental cars. Gone are the days when you had to carry your luggage across an airport terminal car park to look for a rental car hidden among hundreds of other cars. You simply ring Jetport Parking when you have picked up your baggage from the baggage carousel and they will direct you to their minibus where Jetport’s friendly staff will assist with your luggage. They will then drive you back to their depot where your rental car will be waiting for you. Your paperwork will already be done and all you need to do is complete your damage report and drive away.

When you return the car it is even easier. You simply drop the car back at Jetport, they will put your luggage on their minibus and take you to the airport terminal straight away. We will then check in your car and send you a receipt once this has been done.

Good old fashioned service should not change. With Melbourne Car Rental and Jetport Parking,  you can save money and get good service, a rare combination these days.

Renting a car is a great option when going out of town, especially on a long trip. With such a large range of cars available from rental agencies, there is an opportunity to save some money by taking a car that is not new. With demand for cheap rental cars skyrocketing, rental agencies often keep cars longer so they can offer a cheap alternative. First time renters often mistake them for a new car.

All cars old or new can break down so there is never a guarantee that you won’t be inconvenienced. So how do you minimize the risk of this happening to you?

Here is how to make sure your rental car is the right one for you:

  1. Where are you travelling to?

When renting a car, always consider how far you w ant to travel. If you just want to grab a car to get around the city because your car is in for repair, then an older model car is great for saving money. If you want to travel a long distance then always go for a new car option. Reputable rental companies advertise the age of the vehicles honestly on their websites.

  1. The reputation of the agency

A reputed agency in the city will never put an unreliable car for rent. It’ll have clear terms regarding the quality of car that it rents.  The reviews of car rental agencies in your neighbourhood will give you a fair idea of which one to choose and which one to avoid.

  1. Do the cars have roadside assistance included free of charge?

Given there is no guarantee a car won’t break down, good rental companies include full service roadside assistance as part of their car rental agreement. This should be free of charge to the renter so if you are being asked to pay for roadside assistance, go to another agency.

Take a test drive and ensure the performance is smooth and noiseless before making the call.

At Melbourne Car Rental, we cater for all budgets by providing current and late model vehicles for rent. Talk to us about where you are going and not only can we help you with tourist information, we can advise you on the best car to take for your budget.

When most of the west enjoying the pleasant, warm summers, Melbournians are busy beating the cold, wearing layers and layers of winter clothing. Although winters in Melbourne are not very cold like those in some parts of Europe, it is still a bit cold for someone from the tropics. The mercury can easily drop to 1-2 C after sunset though it doesn’t snow. The days are short and it rains frequently.

There are many places to visit in Melbourne during winter, starting with Ski Resorts.

  1. Ski Resorts in the Australian Alps

The alpine region, northeast of Melbourne, is a major winter sport area. The skiing season starts from the first weekend in June to early October.

For more information on Victorian ski fields, click here

  1. Warrnambool

Logan’s Beach is considered as a nursery site for the Southern Right Whale or Eubalaena Australis, making it a great place for whale watching. During the breeding period, a few adult female whales visit this area to give birth to calves. The calves stay there for a period until they turn adult, usually during mid-September to late September.

Logan Beach Whale Viewing Platform is the perfect place to start your whale watching experience. Australian Fur Seals, Little Penguins and the common dolphin, also frequent Logan beach if you miss the Whales.

  1. Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces is an annual series of art exhibitions held every year for 100 days between June and October. Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) are home to Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

One of the exhibitions, The Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs, last year attracted around eight hundred thousand visitors of which some three hundred thousand were from overseas.

Find out more about the 2015 event here

  1. Open House Melbourne

Open House Melbourne, a NGO based in Melbourne, organises an open house every year to showcase and help you discover the city’s hidden engineering, architectural and historic buildings.

The showcase includes commercial, residential, green buildings, sports grounds, and spiritual places.

Information about this years event on July 26th and 27th is available here

  1. Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival is among the oldest film festivals in the world, just one year younger than Cannes. It runs for a period of 17 days and attended by cinematic delicacies from 50 countries.

The festival showcases the best in current cinema from around the world as well as retrospectives, tributes and Talking Pictures discussion programs.