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How To Avoid Fatal Road Accidents

August 23, 2017 /

Several innovative technologies and campaigns have been developed to avoid car accidents, still, we experience a lot of fatalities associated with car accidents on the roads in Australia. Careless, rash and drunk driving being the most common causes.

Fatal road accidents can also happen due to lack of patience or adverse weather conditions. In this blog, Melbourne Car Rental shares some effective tips on avoiding fatal road accidents.

FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES STRICTLY : Basic things like wearing a seat belt and avoiding the fast lane would decrease the chances of fatal accidents.

1. Leave a two-second gap with the car in front
2. Don’t drive if feeling sleepy or exhausted
3. Let the mobile phone take some rest when you are driving
5. Let everybody in the car make good use of seatbelts
6. Know and stick to the speed limit

BE A DEFENSIVE DRIVER : This will allow you to foresee potential accidents and escape them.

1. Avoid racing with other vehicles. Be courteous.
2. Keep a safe watch on the cars behind and the car ahead of the car in front
3. Beware of blind spots
4. Keep your side mirrors and rearview mirrors in check
5. Know the limits of your own car

AVOID DRUGS AND ALCOHOL – DON’T BE IN AN INEBRIATED STATE : Drunk driving is completely preventable by being a little responsible towards the fellow drivers on the road. Maintain a constant speed and leave a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles.

BE CAREFUL AT INTERSECTIONS : Special care must be taken at intersections by cross checking both the sides before proceeding further. As intersections are the most common areas for fatal accidents, it is important to drive clear at these junctions. Moreover, make special considerations during adverse climatic conditions by keeping the car lights on while driving.

KEEP CALM AND DRIVE ON! Above everything, driving a car which is in good condition can minimise road accidents to a greater extent. If you are looking for quality car hire & rental services in Melbourne, call us on +61 3 9335 4877.


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