Advantages of Hiring a Car With Cruise Control : Improve Your Driving Experience

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Advantages of Hiring a Car With Cruise Control : Improve Your Driving Experience

December 13, 2017 /

Cruise control? Autocruise? Tempomat? Well, the system is an invaluable feature that automatically controls the speed of your car when you are on the road. It is based on a mechanism which takes control of the throttle and maintains a steady speed for your car – read SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!

The cruise control in car rentals Melbourne is designed to make your car rental experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible. Apart from the safety, it makes the car more affordable and efficient – giving the driver a steady and smooth flow on the road. If you are planning a trip this summer and looking for a car rental with cruise control in Melbourne Airport Tullamarine & Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Car Rental can be your best choice!

What is Cruise Control? As sourced from an interpretation from Toyota: “Cruise control is a system that automatically assists to maintain the vehicle at a set, predetermined speed. Mostly used for driving on open roads, it is easily disengaged by touching the brake pedal.”

Basic Features of the Cruise Control Systems :

  • On/Off System : While few cars have dedicated buttons for the engage-disengage functioning, in few other cars it automatically turns on when the driver presses the set button and disengages when the driver taps the break.
  • Set/Accel System : This allows the car to set and maintain a particular speed when driving. On the other hand, tapping the accel button makes the car to speed up.

Major Advantages of Hiring a Cruise Control Car Rental :

  • Maximising the km per gallon of fuel : Using cruise control saves up to 7% on fuel expenses, mainly due to decreased use of the accelerator and greater awareness of changes in the road ahead.
  • Decreased risk of speeding tickets : Hitting the road is fun and it won’t be a pleasant experience to get a ticket for speeding. Setting the cruise at a lower speed can give you the contentment of saving more money than the cars who are speeding by your side.
  • Maximum safety : Until you are driving in poor weather conditions, traveling on the back roads, or you are extremely tired.

At Melbourne Car Rental, we provide the cheapest and the most reliable cruise control car rental services in Melbourne, especially Melbourne Airport Tullamarine & Melbourne CBD. Browse through our website for the available cars. Instant Quote and Booking Here!


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