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7 Facts about Driving in Australia that you didn’t Know!

October 25, 2017 /

Australia is known for all the adventures related to the short day trips to epic drives on the coastal roads. The driving experiences in the continent have much more to landscapes and the way people drive. If speaking about the geographical depiction, Australia occupies 5% of the surface and is the 6th largest country in the world. Apart from such dynamics, it is one of the least populated countries with 2.5 people per square kilometre.

For travellers from other countries who wish to drive in Australia, there are few conventions which need to be known before they get a vehicle here. Generally, all the measurements in the country are metric. Distances are measured in metres/kilometres and speed is calculated in kilometres/hour. All of Australia drives on the road’s left side and the vehicles have the steering wheel on the right side. Most of the Australian cars have automatic transmission.

SPEED LIMITS : Maximum speed on the highways and freeways is 100kph. Maximum speed limit in the local urban areas is 50-80 kph. Special speed limits apply in certain states and school zones. All the speed limits are clearly marked on the roads and any fine incurred is the responsibility of the driver. If they are foreign nationals, the fine is mailed to the address in their home country.

DRIVING LICENCE : International drivers and travellers should carry a valid overseas driver’s licence which covers the vehicle class being driven. If your license isn’t in English, International Drivers Permit (IDP) from your home country or a translation is mandatory. Moreover, the onus is on the tourist to learn the road rules before driving on the Australian roads.

DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS ON THE WAY : Hitchhiking is  most popular but illegal in Australia. It is highly recommended that you don’t pick up travellers or natives who are strangers to you.

DRINK DRIVING AND RBT : There are strict laws being enforced on drunk driving across the continent. Police are entitled to stop drivers randomly for breathalyser tests, most commonly known as Random Breath Tests. In spite of 0.05 as legal limit, responsible driving is recommended without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

DISTANCES BETWEEN CITIES : The tourists and international drivers are least known to the fact that it is always a long drive between most of the cities in Australia. Always follow a distance chart before you plan your trips.

INSURANCE COVER : It is always better to have an up-to-date insurance which provides coverage to the areas and surfaces which you might drive on. Check the fine print of the insurance cover, if you are using a car rental.

OUTBACK DRIVING : Planning to go off-road requires you to have local advice and a local support. Many car rental suppliers limit the outback driving their cars with strict conditions.

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